February Photo A Day
When I found this photo to go with the theme, I thought of a quote from A Delicate Balance by Edward Albee. I spent the evening searching for it, endless googling, and then sorting through old journals, so certain I had written it down at some point.  But I can’t find it. 
It’s about the transition from night to morning, what each period of light and dark brings out in ourselves. But I can’t remember which is what or which state brings out a kind of knowing, and I thought that might be an interesting enough thought. So I pair it with a bridge, a smudge of turquoise in the window, and a stretching steeple in the night. 

5 thoughts on “Night

  1. It appears to me as the lead in to an exciting adventure into an unknown.

    I have been away from blogland for ages and have only just found out that you have a new baby – Congratulations!! Also, I see that your writing is going places …. well we always knew that it would!


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